Edinburgh Brogues — Putting Quality Back into Brogues

We at Edinburgh Brogues have over 18 years experience in the design and manufacturing of Mens Brogues, Brogue Boots and Kilt Shoes otherwise known as Ghillie Brogues for both the wholesale and retail markets.

Our wholesale company www.jamiealexanderhighlandwear.com is the market leader for Ghillie Brogues.

All our Brogues, Brogue Boots and ghillie brogues which are Goodyear welted are all hand sewn and the end result is a fine quality shoe which is built to last.

Our other leather sole and rubber sole Brogues, Boots and Ghillie Brogues boast fully a stitched sole which is stitched right through to the insole of the shoe called “Blake stitching”.

The benefit of this method of construction is that the risk of the sole separating from the upper is virtually non-existent thereby giving these shoes an incredibly long life.

Most of our heel units are made from high density natural materials and the top piece on the heel is made from hard wearing rubber. Some of our Ghillie Brogues also have the steel quarter tip.

At Edinburgh Brogues we only use the finest materials. All the leathers we use are full thickness. We do not use bonded leather.

We have a dedicated team of craftsmen making our Brogues, Brogue Boots and Ghillie Brogues



Full leather upper
Leather insole
Solid heel block with steel quarter tip
Goodyear welted leather sole



Full  Leather Upper
Full Leather Lining
Goodyear welted leather sole

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We provide top-quality brogues for all occasions. Here are some of our classic day brogues and Goodyear-welted kilt shoes that are handpicked by our top designer.